The next adventure

The next adventure

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Heidi Levasseur plans to swim across the Atlantic this year. After studying several possible routes, she selected the one between Senegal and Brazil, a course of 3000 km that should take him 150 days to complete at the rate of 72 strokes per minute.

Her titanic project is born from her passion for swimming, a sport she has loved since she was very young. After years of competition, she made her first swimming marathon at age 15. She then crossed Lake Memphremagog and Lac Saint-Jean, then swam 42 km into the Saguenay River and 165 km into the Saint-Maurice River. She continued her exploits by swimming the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Quebec City and from Quebec City to Matane.

When she crossed the ocean in 2018, every meter will swim. Each time it comes out of the water, the place will be marked with a GPS to leave at exactly the same place after the rest period on the boat.

A team of six to eight people will support it at sea but it is she, alone, who will be in the water to face currents, sharks and jellyfish.

Source : Radio-Canada