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Because the oceans are contribute to the Atlantica project

Swimming across the ocean

Spread over several months of swimming, Heidi wants to undertake a gigantic feat: to become the first woman across the Atlantic to swim and achieve a world first. Much more than a feat, this project already has two research projects, the production of a documentary, a team of sailors, a fundraiser and much more … Any company or anyone wishing to participate in the realization of this Odyssey is invited to contact Heidi’s team.

The conquest of the Atlantic

the great crossing

Through her mission to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic from one continent to another, Heidi and her team are devoting this extreme swimming to one of the most current and imperative environmental concerns: water, oceans and their ecosystems.

Millions / arm stroke
Coup de bras / minutes


This epic expedition rises above the sporting feat and joins many spheres of the human dimension, while recalling universal values ​​of unity, peace and freedom of humanrights.

The project

Project Atlantica’s mission is to propel the achievement of a world first in swimming: the Atlantic Crossing. Heidi Levasseur, a French Canadian, has the ambition to sign this feat and moreover, to dedicate this expedition to the protection of oceans at risk by plastic pollution.

A world record

This adventure will be supervised and potentially approved by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA). Indeed, Heidi and her team have established clear rules for the conduct of the swim sessions during the expedition. The predominant rule will be the return to the GPS point at the beginning of the session, thus making it possible to authenticate the distance swum from one continent to another. Heidi will be wearing a positioning device allowing any user to view her position in real time.

A superwoman challenge

With more than 3000 km between the city of Dakar in Senegal and the city of Recife in Brazil, the athlete will have to push back her physical and psychological limits and believe in her abilities. Possessing a very rich open water swimming experience and surrounded by a competent team, the winning bet plays in her favor. Heidi will be surrounded by a safety boat (Catamaran 56 ‘) with a crew of seven. She will swim between 7 and 8 hours a day and will be assisted by a kayaker during her swimming sessions. Heidi and her team estimate between 4 and 6 months the duration of this epic expedition, in an environment where the weather and the vagaries of nature can be unpredictable.

An environmental echo

To raise awareness and promote the protection of oceans, the marine environment and renewable energies. As Canadians, we all depend on our oceans, which are so important to our heritage, our culture and our economy, and are essential to all life on the planet. By exploring our connections to the oceans, we discover how closely connected we are to these immense bodies of water, and how our daily activities may affect their health.

A humanitarian message

This epic expedition rises above the sporting feat and joins many spheres of the human dimension, while recalling universal values ​​of unity, peace and human rights freedoms. Taking the road between Africa and Brazil, which reminds us of the sad story of the slave trade, the young woman, originally from America, reaches out to all nations, to bring people together and to raise awareness to this approximation the sea offers us.

The swimmer

Heidi Levasseur

I was born in Cap-Rouge, a suburb of Quebec City. Since I was very young, swimming has been a natural discipline for me. Swimming lessons were the key moment of the week. My mother took me there and it gave rise to privileged moments. In high school, I was more than ever passionate about this sport that gave me a lot of happiness. It must be said that I was also good for athletics and my physical education teacher had noticed. Although he tried to convince me to choose athletics rather than swimming, my heart was at the pool ... So I started intensive training at Sport-Study School and I quickly climbed the ladder. Having observed me doing "on-time" at the gym and at the pool, my coach of the time, an insightful woman, found at home a real potential for long distance swimming. A few words from her were enough to register for a 10, a 25 and a 42 km swim. It was the beginning of my career ...
The mermaid of Québec


The next adventure

Radio-Canada – Jean-Luc Brassard – Heidi Levasseur plans to swim across the Atlantic this year. After studying several possible routes, she selected the one between

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Une collection de bijoux pour Heidi

L’Avantage – Une collection de bijoux pour soutenir la traversée de l’Atlantique d’Heidi Levasseur. Une joaillière de Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, Catherine Coulombe, a créé une collection de

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This original fundraising campaign interests me?

Atlantica Collection

To learn more about the fundraising campaign for the Atlantica project, do not hesitate to contact me or go directly to the online store to have your jewel from our collection.


Les Créations à Cath

La Sirena Graciosa

Les Créations à Cath

La carangua

Les Créations à Cath

A magnificent collection of 64 jewels to support Heidi Levasseur in his challenge to cross the Atlantic to swim. This collection is signed by Catherine Coulombe in collaboration with renowned sculptor Roger Langevin, DEA in Arts and Letters, sculptor and art teacher (UQAR). Join the wave and get on board with a product!

Swimming Towards Your Dreams


Dynamic and interactive conferences.

The objectives of the conferences are: motivation, surpassing oneself, the environment and the protection of water in particular.

Conferences adapted to primary or secondary schools, early Daycare centers, companies, organizations, associations, special activities or training … Many concrete examples on different topics for the mobilization of all towards a better future.



Thank you! to all partners without whom the Atlantica project could not exist.


La beauté des Océans

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  • Ever heard the story of Jonah!? Pretty believable after seeing this.. 🐳 Can you believe they can take in over 10,000 gallons of sea water in one long gulp!
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  • Perspectives with serious wow factor.. @edgar_pacific_photography "Tip of the Iceberg" - a massive male humpback whale gestures toward me as Loni, our expert skipper, lines up a photo from the roof of our boat (pinch to zoom in). This playful whale would dance, and circle us for hours, often spy-hopping by peaking his head above the surface to see what was going on. Sometimes it is hard to know the magic you're missing until you peak below the surface.
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  • Imagine this coming out of the dark.. the ocean houses some incredible creatures! - A Great White shark nearly crawls through my lens at night.
🎥 : @joeromeiro333 - All I could think about was that moment in Braveheart. Hold….HOLD….and as soon as he swung his giant tail over my head I realized that he couldn’t see past my lights very well and nearly crashed into the lens. A lucky moment for the camera.
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  • Known to be some of the world’s smartest predators, each pack of orcas has developed their own unique tactics. While some create waves, beach themselves or even throw they prey out of the water, this specific individual enjoys stunning fish with a precisely placed tail swipe. Smaller creatures may be faster, but they stand no chance against a large blunt force such as this. How cool is this!?
🎥: @norwegianorcasurvey
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