Swim toward your dreams

Because the oceans are contribute to the Atlantica project

Motivation and self-transcendence are the key words of my lectures.

On land as at sea, being a LEADER becomes second nature. Although it is both difficult to be the project leader and the subject, I share with you the lessons I learned from the path I have cleared in recent years.

Making a dream a reality, such as turning an idea into a business, generates steps that must be structured and supported in a realistic way. Although all this is logical and rational, the Mermaid in me will be able to add some mystical secrets, allowing you to aspire to your wildest dreams!

By sharing my experience as an entrepreneur, coach and marathon athlete, I I want to inspire my listeners, so that they can undertake, pursue their dreams, make more use of their talents and skills.

The content of the conference can be modified according to the clientele and adapted to specific requests.


"If I can inspire you with my experience, imagine what we will do together!" Heidi Levasseur

swim toWARD your dreams


Dynamic and interactive.

The objectives of the conferences are: motivation, surpassing oneself, the environment and the protection of water in particular.

Les conférences adaptées aux écoles primaires ou secondaires, centres de la petite enfance, entreprises, organismes, associations, lors d’activités spéciales ou de formations… De nombreux exemples concrets sur différents sujets pour la mobilisation de tous vers un avenir meilleur.


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