BeforE expedition

The conquest of

the Atlantic Ocean

Parce que les océans sont contribute to the Atlantica project

the great crossing

Through her mission to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic from coast to coast, Heidi and her team are devoting this extreme swim to one of the most current and imperative environmental concerns: water, oceans and their ecosystems.

Budget breakdown

More than ONE Million Dollars needed!

Beyond swimming itself, the preparation of a four to six months expeditionn requires a huge investment; boat charter, equipment, human resources. Heidi has been working on this expedition for five years now. Thanks to the trust of family, friends, donors, partners, sponsors and a team of volunteers who share her dream. We are now close to the goal. Today more than ever, we need your help to start the adventure!
Heidi Levasseur


Achievement steps

  • Meeting of researchers in oceanography and experienced navigators, determination of a viable path in the Atlantic
  • Establish a shipping plan, define and establish the necessary staffing for shipping in terms of human resources and escort boat, define the lists of navigation equipment, communication and security.
  • Estimate of a preliminary budget of realization
  • Canvassing boat and captain (France, Europe)
  • Promotional events to publicize the project (2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020)
  • Canvassing collaborators, partners and human resources in different areas of expertise.
  • Trip to Senegal: canvassing, meeting diplomats, visiting the places of departure in Dakar, planning launch events
  • Budget revision; details of the costs related to the escort boat dedicated to the crossing
  • Media tour
  • Updating social networks, digital, website
  • Specific training plan in preparation for the Crossing (2018-2020)
  • Presentation of the Atlantica project in France in the boat shows of La Rochelle and Paris (autumn 2018)
  • Preparatory expedition at sea with the escort boat and the complete crew (summer 2020)

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Project costs


The vessel

Etoile 65
$ 315 000
  • Catamaran (layout & equipment)
  • Production of energy and fuel
  • Electronics & Navigation Instruments
  • Watermaker
  • Convoy to Senegal
  • Insurances
  • Refueling at sea

An old sea man lends him strong hand ...

Heidi knows well that such a crossing cannot be improvised. You have to play with the currents, anticipate the weather, be humble with the forces of the ocean. To put all the chances on her side, she has joined the services of a pboat charter as there are few.

On board, Captain Christophe Gireau is the expedition Chief and will be assisted by two seamen.

His catamaran will serve as the “mother ship” for the crew.


The anti-shark combination

SAMS stands for Shark Attack Mitigation System, developed in partnership with the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute and the School of Animal Biology, to reduce the risk of shark attacks. It is based on extensive research on the vision, neurology and behavior of the shark.

Sharkbanz, the anti shark bracelet!

It is by producing an electromagnetic field that generates an unpleasant stimulus for the receivers and sensors of the sharks that it makes them move away from the bracelet and thus from its owner.


Equipment and Emergency
$ 50 000
  • Safety and emergency equipment
  • Medical kit
  • Swimming equipment
  • Kayaker equipment



Communication and Satellite
$ 200 000
  • Website & servers
  • Satellite communication system
  • Ligne d’urgence
  • Emergency GPS positioning equipment
  • Human Resources ashore

Live Traker GPS

Real-time data, waypoints and weather. Follow Heidi live at sea during the big crossing, video clips and blogs.

Oceanographic currents

The current, the wind will have their say on this great adventure of the extreme.


Health and safety of the swimmer and the crew

At sea, Heidi will be accompanied by a kayaker and / or a zodiac responsible for his safety and supplies When she takes shelter in the evening aboard the escort boat after her swimming day, a physio and doctor will be responsible for taking care of his state of fitness. They will benefit from the experience to improve understanding of the body and its long-term physical endurance capabilities (Case Study).

Before and during the crossing, Heidi will be in contact with specialists in marine environments.

Insurance - Medical

Care and Food
$ 250 000
  • Wages
  • Food
  • Specific diet for Heidi
  • Visas and travel expenses
  • Insurance for the crew
  • Medical assistance costs

Funded items

Preparatory trips to France and Senegal: $ 10,000

Promotional events: $ 10 000



Dynamic and interactive conferences.

The objectives of the conferences are: motivation, surpassing oneself, the environment and the protection of water in particular.

Conferences adapted to primary or secondary schools, early childhood centers, companies, organizations, associations, special activities or training … Many concrete examples on different topics for the mobilization of all towards a better future.